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Want a screened & licensed contractor as well as the best rates? Call NY Home Contractors LLC @ (516) 554-8771 for a fast quote on Roofing, Locksmith, Windows, Doors or any home improvement services you are looking for. For years we have been linking our clients with the best companies in NYC, Queens, and Long Island. We guarantee a free in house estimate the very same day you call us. Many of our professionals in the door, lock, and garage industry are even available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in the greater NYC area. Need advice about a home improvement project? NY Home Contractors LLC can guide you with our many years of industry experience.

The best part about this contractor link up service is that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Unlike our competitors like Home Advisor and Angies list we do NOT charge any monthly fees to the homeowner and do NOT charge any lead fees to the contractors. This is exactly how we can get you such good rates. The contractors & the homeowners save big with Home Contractors LLC.

This company started off linking up Long Island homeowners with the best home exterior contractors (hence the website replacementwindowlongisland.com) and ever since then we have expanded into the five boroughs of NYC as well as all the home improvement categories. So if you need any type of contracting service in the NYC area at any time of the day, call (516) 554-8771.

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April 2014's featured screened & licensed contractors:

Contact: Goldenberg Roofing Queens NY 75-25 141st Place Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 407-1174 http://www.kingsqueensroofing.com

Phone: Call us today for more information and a company back-round

Business description: Goldenberg Roofing Queens NY is a GAF Master Elite contractors and are licensed in NYC and Long Island. We have their licensing and GAF Master Elite information available to you. They are also NYC Better Business Bureau members. They have years of experiences and have received a great score on our screening process. Call now to find out more.


The Queens Contractor That Keeps Homes Beautiful, Functional & Safe

We are the premier general contractor in the borough of Queens. We do it all from stonewall, paving, concrete, exterior remodeling, interior remodeling, masonry, security systems, doors, locks and more. We are the NYC contractors you can trust for all your home improvement needs. Our operators are standing by and can help you with a free estimate for any home related projects that you may have. Our products offer some of the best warranties available in the five boroughs of NYC. We believe that the best pricing means nothing unless you provide the best quality and warranties on the market. We also believe that nothing is more important than the safety of you and your family. That is why every homeowner must be meticulous in making sure that they have safe driveways, fences, door, locks, and gates. At the end of the day, you spend most of your time at home and any flaw in the interior or exterior of your home can be costly and dangerous.

  • Our services include:
  • Stone wall
  • Paving
  • Decorative Concrete
  • Flatwork
  • Sidewalk repair
  • pavers
  • fireplaces
  • chimneys
  • patios
  • walkways
  • stone veneer
  • brick-work
  • roofing
  • stem concrete & more.

Tips to Work with a NY Home Contractor the right way

All homeowners must be very diligent when selecting a contractors to work on their homes. However, while it is always easy to find a contractor in NY, there may still be a few things that could go wrong along the construction. Things can get more complicated when construction issues are not addressed right away. Whether is it a home interior issue like kitchen remodeling or home exterior issue like concrete, most of the time, it entails additional costs that may be too much for the homeowner to handle. Hence, to help you out with your home construction or renovation project, here are a few pointers on how to work amicably and efficiently with your general contractor:

  1. Know the number of projects your contractor is taking on during the time of construction. You need to understand how much workload your contractor is juggling at a given time, so you have basis on providing him with some leeway on on timing. Of course we all want everything to get done on time, but we also need to be considerate with our contractor’s work load. A tired and pressured contractor will not be able to deliver a good job anyway.

  2. Going on vacation while construction is ongoing only happens on television. There was this TV program where the show used to build a family’s house while they are on vacation – this does not happen in real life. You need to be there while you house is being done or redone. Nobody else will oversee the construction for you, and your contractor will need you all throughout the process for personal insight and approvals. You could at least rent a place somewhere near if the house will not have any livable space while construction is ongoing.

  3. Be open with your contractor regarding your allotted budget on materials. Communicate what exactly you want to achieve for the budget you have. Contractors will most likely adjust to your limits; but be inquisitive on what type of materials s/he is planning to get. If you are not convinced with the contractor’s choices, might as well get the materials yourself. A lot of people who have gone through several renovations say that this actually saves you quite a bit.

A construction project's success does not only depend on the work of your contractors. More often than not, there needs to be a harmonious connection between you and your contractors before you could achieve the output you expect. There are lots of good general contractors and while it will be easy for you to find one, you need to exert extra effort in maintaining good rapport with your contractor in order to make the entire process as pleasant as possible for both parties. So whether you are replacing a roof or siding, designing a new kitchen or bathroom, or building a new home you can follow these steps and ensure yourself a smoother construction process.

Roofing 101: Read Before Attempting A Repair:

We would like to remind you that it is wise to refrain from doing most home improvement projects yourself, what's knows as DIY. Most roofing work should not be done yourself. The reason bring is that the average person does not understand the inner workings of a part of the home and often does not know if they are damaging or improving the home. Now that it is clear that you indeed need to hire a professional you should make sure to seek second and third opinions from companies until you find the right one. Reading reviews and researching  a company is usually your best bet, There are many good resources online to check the validity of a business. For example, you can check if the company is on the Better Business Bureau. You can also check if the company is represented on the local chamber of commerce in their town. Let's say you have a home improvement job in Queens,, NY for example. Look up the customer on the different review sites and even local newspaper sites like the Queens Ledger. Now that you are in the groove you should learn a little about the home improvement issue you are having. For example, if you have a leak and the contractors begin suggesting you invest in roofing membranes, you should go learn what these membranes are. Hiring the right contractor and doing the right research will help you save your roof and home.

After Hurricane Sandy residents in battered coastal towns on Long Island learned the about the importance of home exterior maintenance the hard way. Areas on the thin coastal plain of Suffolk County could have save thousands on their roofing had they installed the proper membranes prior to the storm. The roofing membranes or "adhesives" available today are so strong that they can withstand almost any weather conditions. Good membranes, a strong lid to your house, and some quality seamless gutters are a recipe to save a home from a deadly storm. Specialists in Hurricane Sandy Roofing Restoration in NY are quoted as saying "a little TLC (tender, love, and care) for your roof today will make all the difference tomorrow"

Having to replace a whole roof will likely be one of the biggest expenses a building owner will have to face. Unfortunately, this is also an expense majority of building owners do not plan ahead for and this causes most of them to opt for repairs even though their roofing problems require a roof replacement. Most cases show that there is more than one sign a commercial building will show when it needs a roof replacement. As roofs age and deteriorate, it may face several problems at once forcing building owners to install a new exterior to avoid further damage.

Here are common problems that usually lead to exterior replacements in commercial buildings. It would be best to avoid repairs in these scenarios.

  • Screw holes in panels have increased in size

Roof panels made of metal are held together by screws. As time passes, movement in the panels and natural deterioration will cause these holes to increase in size around the screws. Big screw holes lead to 2 kinds of problems: water will seep through these small openings causing a myriad of problems, and holes eventually get big enough for the whole panel to fall off. You need to replace panels before either of these things happen if you want to save your roof from problems.

  • Standing water on your roof

Pooling water has 2 common reasons for happening. The first reason that the roof was not installed properly and the second reason is because a drain is clogged. Unclogging drains is easy but dealing with botched installations are a bit more difficult. The only real way to address this is to reinstall the parts that were botched and in some cases, this may mean installing a new roof.

  • A deck that sags in many places

A deck is located between the exterior of the roof and the joists on the interior. When you have a wooden deck, the leaks make it sag inward. The more your deck sags, the more leaks your roof has. If your problem is widespread and getting worse, having your whole roof replaced would be your best choice.

  • Big bubbles on a flat roof

Dry lapping and botched installations cause hot bituminous roofs to generate large bubbles that can be seen on its surface. Tar roof systems are also known to develop small, less visible bubbles in extreme heat but large bubbles can be problematic. The bubbles start out filled with air but they can fill up with water if they are punctured. If left alone, these bubbles filled with water can cause water damage to the layers of your roof.

  • Cracked shingles

Shingles have different stages in their lifespan. The first problem the experience is shedding of granules that fill the gutters. When shingles reach the end of their lifespan they began to crack, curl, and buckle. Since shingles deteriorate over time, they aren’t usually repaired and are replaced before they reach a critical point. Once a shingle has curled and buckled, water will have easy access to the roof layers underneath.

The aforementioned problems are all signs that your building needs a new roof. If your building has any of these problems, you should contact a local roofing company as soon as you can for an inspection. Roof replacements are costly but not replacing them is more costly.

When A NY-NJ Style Commercial Building Needs Roof Repair

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